ECA (Equipment Criticality Assessment)


Equipment Criticality Assessment is a study to analyze outcome risk whenever equipment fail to perform the function. Qualitatively this method will measure the probability and consequence and then the risk will be valued.

Normally company will consider medium and high risk to have a higher attention. Strategy such as Preventive and Predictive Maintenance will be in placed while the low risk equipment will put as run to fail equipment type.

Some of the potential uses for an Equipment Criticality rating are:

  • As an input to determine the overall priority for performing a maintenance task
  • To determine, at a high level, the type of risk mitigation strategy to be applied to the equipment
  • As an input into determining the optimum spare parts holdings required for the equipment item
  • To provide input into the capital program so that “high criticality” equipment is given a higher priority for upgrade or replacement
  • To guide reliability engineers so that they focus their reliability improvement efforts on the most “critical” equipment