Ashes Prasadha International (API) is a fast growing company which provides services to assist industries in managing their asset in order to deliver excellent operation and safety management.

API provides service to build Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) for industries including Oil & Gas Company, Petrochemical Industry, and Chemicals Industry.

AIMS will increase your productivity by having an excellent maintenance through reducing unplanned shutdown with the following characterization:

  • Process used to determine maintenance requirements of any physical asset in its operating context.
  • Plan is based upon reliability criteria with priority given to the most critical components.
  • Determine what types of failures are likely to occur.
  • Focuses on preventing failures whose consequences are likely to be serious.
  • Emphasizes the use of predictive maintenance practices.
  • Utilizes previous aspects of reactive and preventive maintenance concepts, in concert with root cause analysis.
  • Combining with RBI techniques, the system will deliver¬† excellent operation & safety management which reduce loss of primary containment (LOPC).

Our team consists of various experts in their respective engineering  fields including Information Technology.

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